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What You Need To Consider When Planning a Business Event

As COVID-19 restrictions in Malaysia ease, more in-person events are gradually resuming.

30 Aug 2022
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However, running a rewarding business event requires plenty of planning and consideration. From choosing a date that makes sense for your guests to organising entertainment that creates a memorable experience, it’s best not to leave everything until the last minute.

Nowadays, shared workspace operators like Arcc Spaces Malaysia offer more than just flexible serviced office spaces  to work, they also provide collaboration spaces and top-notch meeting rooms in KL to give businesses the right fit and venue to host a good event. With a team of dedicated customer experience team, Arcc Spaces ensures your event goes off without a hitch. In the meantime, consider these business event planning tips to ensure your special occasion is a rousing success.

1. Choose the location

The location of your event is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when trying to convince your guest list to attend. With Arcc Spaces offering attractive and accessible event spaces across Kuala Lumpur’s most vibrant areas, your guests can quickly arrive via public transport or car.

Meanwhile, the location of your event needs to have the facilities and amenities to ensure it succeeds. Fortunately, Arcc Spaces offers modern, sophisticated meeting rooms and flexible office spaces that transform into dynamic settings, thanks to high-quality audiovisual equipment and hospitality features like trendy coffee bars and catering services.

2. Find the ideal date and time 

Choosing the perfect date and time for your business event isn’t always straightforward. To achieve the biggest turnout, you need to think strategically to avoid any competing events. Hold your event on a weeknight when people are still in work mode for a professional vibe. However, if you’re looking to celebrate a laid-back occasion, perhaps after hours on a Friday is more suitable.

You should also consider what other events are happening at your preferred time. Check the calendar to see if other competitors or industry bodies are hosting an event on the same evening. Maybe the school holidays have just started, so your guests are more open to functions taking place in the evenings. Consider these ideas to schedule your business event on the ideal date.

3. Stick to a budget 

Everyone wants to celebrate in style, but it’s easy for costs to run over with a business event if you’re not careful. Setting a budget, a theme, and sticking to them it is essential when planning your special occasion. Always understand the cost of catering, hiring event staff, and entertainment before sending out your invites.

You will want to keep track of your expenses. Not only should you be able to claim some of these costs as a business expense, but documenting them means you have a better idea about how to plan your next corporate event without breaking the bank.

4. Create the perfect guest list

Creating a guest list is never easy because you must balance the atmosphere and occasion with your budget and business goals. To make this process easier, define your business objectives and assess these against your invite list. For example, hosting a fundraising event means focusing your attention more closely on VIPs.

The ambience of your business event is also imperative to its success. If you’re looking to target a wider set of audience, keep your guest list diversified; but if you’re looking to zero in on a selected group, it helps to narrow down your list to avoid anything untoward.

5. Food, drinks, and entertainment 

You can’t have a hugely successful business event without proper catering and entertainment. However, like your guest list, you might reflect on the objective of your event to determine the best approach. This will naturally influence the type of foods and drinks that you want to serve.

Entertainment is another vital consideration. While not every meeting will require a local musician or comedian to perform, these additions to your business event could provide a fascinating talking point that levels up your industry reputation.

Find the perfect serviced office today

Arcc Spaces is the best choice for hosting a premium business event in Malaysia. With office spaces and meeting rooms spread throughout KL’s most prominent locations, getting guests to attend your event is never a problem.

In addition, our professional customer experience team can help you put your event together, with hospitality services and entertainment considerations included. Contact our friendly team to discover how Arcc Spaces can make your next business event in Malaysia a massive success.