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What is a flexible office space?

What has changed the most is the way we work post pandemic and for the new age world force, flexible office spaces are the best places to work in. Read on.

7 Apr 2022

In the past couple of years, the pandemic has changed the way we work and play. With the constant lockdowns and restrictions in almost every part of the world, companies have had to think on their feet and identify a way to ensure that their workforce remains safe at home, yet productive at the same time.

Today, working from home and remote working have now become familiar terms. This norm is seen with many global corporations allowing their workforce to work at their own place, at their own pace.

In such a scenario, flexible office spaces have emerged as an ideal solution that works for everyone. Such offices and workspaces are nothing new – they have been around for a few years now, mainly in metropolitan areas. However, with the rising expectations of the working crowd, flexible office spaces have transformed into an all-in-one solution which encompasses facilities and value-added services. Firms can choose either serviced office, hot desk, and virtual office based on their needs. As such, they have gained a renewed value in the eyes of the modern worker.

Rising Demand in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most important and successful business hubs in Southeast Asia, with people from surrounding regions flocking to the country for work. As a country with a thriving startup ecosystem, flexible office spaces have also cropped up as a popular solution for new business owners and their staff alike. Additionally, with the borders to Singapore slated to reopen in April, it’s only a matter of time before more companies start mushrooming in key capitals such as Kuala Lumpur or Penang.

Flexible office spaces in Malaysia are part of a viable and effective new work model – a boost from WFH (Work From Home). They offer the perfect middle ground where the flexible structure enables businesses to spend less on rentals and facilities, while still allowing employees to work in a place that functions as a proper office.

Such spaces address the demands of modern businesses in Malaysia, with highly customisable and professional solutions such as serviced offices, coworking spaces and even virtual solutions. Space providers have gotten creative, too. The trend for flexible, hybrid office models is most likely here to stay and grow in Malaysia and all over the world.

Benefits of a Flexible Office Space

As the demand is rising, here’s why flexible office becomes popular:

Lower Cost

Flexible offices are usually rented on a ‘pay for what you need’ basis, all depending on how many desks and how long you use. You don’t need to bear the cost for renting extra space for meeting rooms and the reception area.

Networking Opportunities

With a flexible office space designed to facilitate collaboration and interaction, employees will experience a greater level of satisfaction and productivity. The regular community activities provide opportunities for business owners to know their neighbours.

Flexible Terms

Companies also have access to a scalable office with just the right amount of resources. This lets them scale up and down as per their budget and requirements.

How to Design a Flexible Office Space for Your Business?

Your flexible office space design will entirely depend on the type of your business and the size of your workforce. You can design a flexible office and specify everything your employees need including manager rooms, networking facilities, high speed internet, computers, printers, and even a breakout area in your own office suite.

The beauty of a flexible office space is just that – flexible. So you can pick and choose the elements you like to design an office space which is to your preference. Or simply look for a hot desk or a serviced office, you could reach out to Arcc Spaces in KL that locates at various premium locations.

Rent a Flexible Office Space with Arcc Spaces

With a wide range of flexible office solutions across Malaysia and in other parts of Asia, Arcc Spaces offers services office, coworking and virtual office packages for businesses and individuals looking for a contemporary work solution. Flexible office space providers like us are equipped to answer all your requirements with highly customisable and varied solutions. Each workplace project takes into consideration every facility including fully equipped offices, a well-stocked pantry, and break rooms. A dedicated concierge team is on-site to deliver bespoke business service. To date, many businesses in Malaysia, including big corporations like Brunner Asia Pacific and Ethypharm have done it. Will you?