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5 Tips To Maximise Your Office Space Setup

An office setup that makes sense for your team is crucial to your success. Find out the different furniture and decor details that make a big difference.

27 Jul 2022

Just because you spend your days working in the office doesn’t mean you have to feel uncomfortable. A modern and well-designed office setup enhances productivity and supports the health and well-being of its occupants, contributing to an airy and distraction-free experience. Here are five tips on how to maximise your office space.

1. Multi-purpose furniture

As these pieces are designed for versatility, the ideal collection can help you quickly reorganise your space for different purposes. For example, lightweight tables and chairs in a laid-back breakout area can be easily shifted out of the way, making space for presentations and guest appearances.

The desks you choose for your team can also enhance the adaptability of your office space. Height-adjustable standing desks improve employee health while creating a dynamic work environment. Meanwhile, desks equipped with adjustable privacy screens can help employees feel more comfortable completing sensitive work tasks.

2. Proper arrangement of furniture

How you position your furniture is crucial to the effectiveness of your office setup. With a clear understanding of your employees’ needs and the furniture you have access to, you can strategically plan a thoughtful office setup that enhances its vibe. Don’t forget to consider aspects such as noise and natural light when arranging your furniture.

You must also optimise each area for efficiency. Do specific teams require close collaboration? Position their desks closer together to foster seamless communication. If you’re adopting an open-plan approach, include chill-out zones where people can socialise or have informal meetings.

3. Maximise storage space

You can never have enough storage in a busy workplace, but a compact office setup makes this a challenging problem. While employees love to have everything within reach, this can lead to a messy, cluttered space that sees documents go missing. This look probably isn’t what you want for client visits either. Fortunately, you can often create more storage by investigating your vertical space.

Adding more shelving and cupboards is an obvious choice, but you can also use modular storage furniture and wall-to-wall cabinets to your advantage as well. Meanwhile, opt for desks with clever storage compartments and strategically place several boxes, baskets and bins around the office to declutter your space. You could even buy dual-purpose couches and ottomans with built-in storage.

4. Light-coloured décor

Functionality isn’t the only concern when designing your ideal office setup. You also have to consider how aesthetics affect the appeal of your workspace. With a University of Texas study discovering that grey, beige, and white offices led to increased employee sadness and anxiety, adding a burst of colour is a smart idea.

Alongside the mental health benefits, featuring some vibrant colours in your space also helps your business showcase its personality when clients and talented candidates arrive. You can definitely expect an increase in productivity and collaboration with an office setup that makes your team and guests feel welcome.

5. Create a focal point 

Building on the previous point, a fascinating focal point can take your office setup to the next level. While colour-coded office chairs and couches are a pleasant touch, perhaps a bright neon sign with a motivating message or a charming rug takes the warmth of your office up a notch.

Creating distinct leisure and dining areas is also excellent for workplace productivity if your office has enough space. After a long day at the computer, your employees can bond over a game of ping-pong or enjoy a sit-down coffee with a colleague during their lunch hour. Add these retreats to increase worker happiness.

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