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Reception Lounge at Arcc Spaces - Bund Financial Centre Shanghai

Providing dynamic, hospitality-led workspaces and meeting venues


Warm, inviting, generous

The environment we are in plays an important part in the way we work. That’s why we adopt a human-led design philosophy to craft spaces that feel welcoming, evoke senses, inspire ideas, and enhance work productivity.

Each of our spaces draws from its context and reflects our bespoke approach to being an active part of the local building ecosystem – a nexus for community engagement and exchange.


Experience our hospitality

We think big but act small. We understand that every company has its own unique needs and challenges to be met. We treat each of our members as a valued partner, and we are here to support and facilitate your success.

We believe in a personal approach to hospitality with our people are at the heart of our service.


Lifestyle inspired, innovation enabled

Work Live or Play, our lives and routines are dynamic in this modern age. We believe in providing a platform and options to allow you to work the way that you want, whether in or out of the physical workspace.

The intersection of ideas is where innovation occurs and we want to build a vibrant network where open conversations can happen.