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6 reasons why members of coworking spaces achieve more than just work-life balance

Within coworking spaces, we can inherently achieve so much more than just Work-Life Balance.

16 Sep 2021

Work-life balance is a term that has invoked countless controversial thoughts amongst the masses. As work and life become more complex and further blurred, having balance would be a dream for almost everyone.

The global pandemic has changed the way we work. People went from being stuck at a workstation from 9 to 5, or in many cases longer, to being stuck at home. And although they get to spend more time with their families, people are also going through countless phases of “Zoom fatigue”.

As the world innovates faster than ever before, people are now upgrading themselves regularly in order to keep up. This spearheaded the need for companies to adopt a more flexible hybrid work practice with a dynamic employment package that encompasses more than just career progression.

With that being said, the world is craving for more than just work-life balance. Work-life enrichment will also be highly sought after and coworking spaces are the perfect platform for companies to develop these two factors. Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Flexible Lease Terms and Plans

Unlike traditional office spaces, which usually offer rigid lease terms, coworking spaces offer a wide range of plans with flexible lease terms that companies can customize according to their business needs and culture. This is made possible mainly due to coworking spaces being planned to foster work-life balance and enrichment by providing holistic virtual and physical spatial solutions that cater to companies and individuals alike.

Companies will have more room to decide how they would prefer to work as a team. Enabling them to work with a hub-and-spoke model where there is only one HQ with scattered teams based in different workspaces (remote/physical) or a full-floored office fully customized according to a company’s mantra. The possibilities are simply endless.

Level 5 at 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces features a common space for coworkers as well as private offices and booths for those who prefers to work with more privacy.

2. Positive Social Environment

The coworking platform is essentially working with other business people in a shared environment. Naturally, a business community will develop as members familiarise themselves with each other. With the existence of a business community, members are exposed to many more opportunities for collaborations, learning industry insights, or even forging new friendships.

A daily experience within the positive social environment of a coworking space inherently creates a relaxed experience and countless open doors to enrich everyone’s work-life balance.

The Drawing Room at Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard is a popular spot for members to engage in conversations and discussions with each other.

3. Integrated Amenities

The success of a social environment in coworking spaces can also be contributed to its integrated amenities. These are key points where conversations are sparked between members and can come in the form of sleek coffee bars to comfy breakout lounges. Such amenities also provide members with work-life balance by affording them quality breaks so they can return to work fresher.

Event spaces are also commonly available. This addition provides a more dynamic experience for all members, as they can attend an array of enriching events or simply hold their own with convenience.

The Library in Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard is a versatile area suitable for presentations or even as a breakout space.

4. Hospitality-Infused

Everyone likes to feel like a VIP and coworking members can experience that in their work-life every day. As these spaces are inspired by the serviced office concept, it should be fair for you to expect similar, if not better hospitality excellence and stunning interiors.

The staff who manage the best coworking spaces, usually undergo intensive training to provide all members with the most holistic and prestigious working experience. For example, take the client experience specialists stationed within Arcc Spaces One Marina, our flagship centre in Singapore. These hospitality professionals provide a wide range of services, from brewing the perfect cup of handcrafted coffee to coordinating special events.

Last but not least, members can also seek assistance from the concierge for a variety of business support services. This can be especially useful for entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs who possess a limited headcount. With an extra helping hand available, work-life enrichment just seems so much easier to attain.

The concierge of Arcc Spaces Taikang in Shanghai.

5. Exclusive Members’ Perks

Another highlight of feeling like a VIP is having the luxury to enjoy exclusive members’ perks. Coworking spaces value their members and would never hesitate to provide them with an added value that could enrich their lives. These come in many forms, including exclusive events and discounts made possible with vendor partnerships.

These partnerships cater to a diverse community with a variety of vendors, depending on the demand. If there are many members who are looking to upskill, there could be exclusive educational events. If most of the community is interested in staycation perks, exclusive deals with local hoteliers could be made available. Thanks to these opportunities, work-life enrichment can truly be found within coworking spaces.

An exclusive art exhibition held in Arcc Spaces World Financial Centre in Beijing.

6. Prime Locations For Life Outside of the Office

A coworking member’s experience revolves not only within the space and community, but also outside it. The location and what’s in its vicinity also contribute to this. Coworking spaces aim to provide the most comprehensive working experience that might enrich a member’s life even after working hours. That’s why they are usually located within prime areas where access to shopping malls, restaurants, and many other lifestyle amenities are just a stone’s throw away. This added convenience for team members means dining out together or holding a celebration outside is a breeze.

A private office in Arcc Spaces Pavilion Tower overlooking the Mid Valley precinct which is renowned for its variety of megamalls.

As you can see, a coworking space provides much more than just work-life balance, it provides work-life enrichment.  By selecting the right provider with the most flexible solution for your business, work can be a more vibrant experience than just focusing on KPIs.

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