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Yours Truly: Hanson Chong

7 Oct 2021
Conversations , Culture , Experiences

As a Senior Client Experience Specialist in Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard, Hanson has to lead the team by example with larger responsibilities on hand and challenges to deal with. But, he has been able to take them on with his uncanny optimism developed throughout his 10 years’ worth of experience in the hospitality industry, alongside his bubbly personality.

What would be the top fun fact of Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard that you would shout out about?

Hmmm.. I would say that we have a very unique business community. Not only are they very talented individuals in their own field who are open to sharing their knowledge but we are also very close-knitted. I see some members managed to form new friendships in the space or even business partnerships together, which is really delightful to see. Even for myself, I have made a few friends in the space and sometimes when we are available, we would go out to have lunch or dinner together after work.

What is the toughest challenge as a Client Experience Specialist?

I feel that there are many challenges but it is very hard to rank any of them as the toughest challenge. However, there was one time when I received an enquiry from a member on whether we do provide matchmaking service, which we certainly do not provide. In turn, I immediately recommended Tinder. Haha!

I think one of the most frequent challenges I face revolves around managing expectations. There will still be certain requests we could not provide but at the same time, we will always try our best to recommend an alternate solution whenever possible. You’ll never know what you recommend could actually be the best solution for him/her.

Could you tell us more about your Specialist Brew?

There are a few reasons why I named it the Ohana Latte.

Ohana is actually a Hawaiian term that means Family and I actually see the Arcc Spaces community as a second family of mine because of how often I get to interact with them like close friends. The flower coffee art is also inspired by the traditional flowers found on the lei garland from Hawaii which is given to people whom you appreciate. So, yeah.. I really appreciate the community I’m a part of now and my specialist brew is simply a sincere token of appreciation from yours truly. =)


Share with us your top tips about workplace hospitality.

For me, It is really important to always be sincere and open-minded in learning as much as possible. Also, treat everyone with respect and be dedicated in what you do.

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