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Being, Human with AI: Embracing a Human-Centric Digital Future

In the latest episode of the Being, Human fireside chat in Singapore, Arcc Spaces and the Deloitte Center for the Edge collaborates to shed light on the human side of artificial intelligence and its impact on our collective future.

30 Jan 2024
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The surge of AI, the metaverse, blockchain, and new innovations in technology is an undeniable and dynamic force of change that we can no longer ignore.

As we stand at the cusp of a new era, it is imperative that we approach these transformative forces from a distinctly human perspective.

Rather than perceiving these advancements merely as tools, systems, or potential challenges, our focus should be on how we can leverage and integrate them into our lives, fostering growth and enhancement for humanity.


Arcc Spaces and the Deloitte Center for the Edge brought the topic of humanising AI to the forefront during a recent instalment of the Being, Human fireside chat.

Moderated by Michelle Khoo, Center Leader at the Deloitte Centre for the Edge, the session featured a diverse panel from healthcare, design, banking, and education sectors.

Dr. Gao Yujia, Assistant Group Chief Technology Officer at the National University Health System; Dawn Lim, Executive Director at DesignSingapore Council; Chee Kin Lam, Managing Director and Head of Group Legal and Compliance at DBS; and Jaspal Sidhu, Chairman and Founder of SIS and Inspirasi Group of Schools, shared their insights on human-centric AI technology in the future.


Dr Gao, a pioneer in holomedicine, emphasised the importance of using AI in a way that patients can relate to, citing the use of segmentised holograms to aid in the treatment and consultation processes.

Dawn Lim discussed the emotional connection and attributes that make cities lovable when designing livable spaces. She highlighted the necessity of building a resilient social fabric organically, emphasising that the digital and physical worlds are not so different, driven as they are by humans seeking connection.


Chee Kin Lam, focusing on the banking and financial sector, stressed the responsibility of the world of finance to be prepared for the imminent digital era.

Using blockchain’s market capitalisation as an example, he underscored the need for the finance industry to respond to the pockets of economic gravity.

In view that banking and financial products are always in service of users, he foresees the future of AI in business and banking to shift toward immersion technology for end users.

In the midst of technological progress, Jaspal Sidhu emphasized the enduring importance of human-to-human connection, particularly in education in developing countries. He pointed out that this connection helps communities learn better, and facilitates the search for quality educators, shaping the future for the next generation.


Looking toward the next generation, the panel discussed their preparedness for an AI-driven world.

Chee Kin Lam expressed confidence in the adaptability of the new generation, but also emphasised the responsibility to build technology right, drawing on the lessons from history, experiences, and mistakes.

Dr Gao concurred, highlighting the crucial role of implementation and use as future generations grow up with new technologies.

The dialogue also stressed that it is collectively up to people to decide how these technologies should be used to enhance lives.


Towards the end of the discussion, the audience were given a preview of the Deloitte Center for the Edge’s latest video series, “Being Human in a Digital World”, wrapping up in a networking session.

Being, Human is the signature monthly fireside chat powered by Arcc Spaces for our community. This event series aims to bring forth important conversations and critical ideas led by changemakers, innovators, and thought leaders. Stay connected with our upcoming events through our social media channels.

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