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Service Beyond Smiles: The Game-Changing Role of Service Standards in the Workplace

Arcc Spaces doubles down on service standards training to reinforce hospitality excellence for its workspace members.

28 Dec 2023
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People are no longer content with merely a place to work. Now, we are all about maximising what a space can offer to amplify our quality of work life.

As a dedicated workspace provider, Arcc Spaces is constantly refreshing ideas and reinforcing commitments in terms of space and services to make the workspace a dynamic platform where its occupants can achieve a greater sense of fulfilment.

In the pursuit of this goal, we caught up with Maria Nakamura, Head of Hospitality at Arcc Spaces.

In the Q&A below, Maria discusses the core insights that drives Arcc Spaces’ hospitality values, the customer service standards upheld across its centre network, and the pivotal role service standards play in shaping the Arcc Spaces brand.


Q: Can you define what Service Standards mean in the context of a workspace provider like Arcc Spaces?


A: Service standards form the bedrock of our members’ experience. The guidelines and expectations set forth determine the calibre of hospitality we extend to our members. This not only shapes the culture within our organisation but also manifests in the conduct we exhibit towards our members.

Q: Why are service standards so important in the workspace industry? How does it differ from the hospitality industry?


A: The nature of the industry may vary, but the significance of service standards remains universally paramount. In the workspace sector, it goes beyond providing a mere workspace; it’s about curating an experience. Our solutions are crafted to establish an environment where clients don’t just find a place to work but feel genuinely valued. This commitment is instrumental in fostering trust and nurturing loyalty among our members, mirroring the principles ingrained in the hospitality industry.


Q: How do these standards translate into tangible benefits for customers?


A: Our commitment to service standards is a guiding principle that provides clarity to our members, ensuring they know exactly what to expect when they step into our spaces. This commitment guarantees a consistent and high-quality experience every time our members or guests walk through our doors. This predictability is especially crucial for businesses that rely on us for various needs, whether it’s for meetings, projects, or daily operations.

The effectiveness of our service standards hinges on the consistent demonstration of desired behaviours by our employees. We hold our members’ feedback in high regard, recognising its importance in refining and maintaining our standards.

At Arcc Spaces, our problem resolution process stands out as a key advantage. We pride ourselves on promptly addressing and resolving feedback, reinforcing our dedication to providing exceptional service.


Q: How does your commitment to customer service standards impact the Arcc Spaces brand?


A: Our service standards symbolises a commitment we have to our customers and employees. When we meet or exceed these standards, we cultivate a strong reputation and build trust. In the workspace industry, recommendations and genuine reviews can carry a large weight, and impact our image to help us stand out from our counterparts.

Q: How does Arcc Spaces ensure the service standards are practiced throughout the company?


A: It’s a multifaceted endeavour for sure, and it starts with comprehensive training for our team. We’ve started a refresher course in our Singapore and Kuala Lumpur offices to keep everyone abreast of updates and ensure everyone understands and embodies the principles; we’re bringing this to our teams in Shanghai and Beijing next.

What helps is when there is feedback and performance evaluations to help us identify the gaps for improvement.

That said, our commitment to customer service excellence also extends to our internal culture – we encourage a customer-centric mindset among different teams, it’s a shared responsibility to see these standards upheld.


Q: Do you foresee the workspace industry evolving in terms of customer service and hospitality standards?


A: Yes, without a shadow of a doubt. The industry is dynamic and we have to be responsive to changing needs.  As the industry evolves, the importance of excellent customer service and service standards will only become more pronounced.

With hybrid and remote working trends continuing to prevail, our clients will expect greater flexibility and personalised services.

Embracing technology (for example, our Arcc Mobile App) to enhance customer experience, and with further endeavours to make sustainability a core part of our service standards, these are just a few examples of how we’ll continue to adapt.

We want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure our values and practice align with the evolving demands of our clients.


Q: What hospitality values can your members expect as a direct result of the service standard trainings you and your team are actively pursuing?


A: Our members can expect to experience our hospitality across five areas, and they are:

Personalised services: Our team is trained to understand the preferences of our members; we believe in going the extra mile to tailor our solutions to ensure our members are valued.

Professionalism: Our team is equipped with skills and knowledge to handle varying request to ensure productivity is intact.

Attention to Detail: From the cleanliness of our space to the quality of our amenities, our commitment to excellence ensures no small detail is spared for a conducive working environment.

Responsiveness: From technical support to administrative assistance, we aim to promptly address issues, concerns, or requests raised by our members.

Community building: A lot of our activities are shaped around wellbeing for our member community, from our Being, Human signature fireside chat series, our Wellbeing Wednesday programme, as well as our Trolley Runs. We actively hold these to encourage connection, collaboration and camaraderie among our members.


Q: And lastly, if you can encapsulate the hospitality experience at Arcc Spaces in 3 words, what would they be?


A: It would have to be Warm, Personalised, and Community-Centric. Our commitment to excellence sets up apart to provide an elevated experience for our members; we tailor our services to meet the different work needs and preferences of our members; and our spaces are designed to promote collaboration to foster that fulfilling sense of community that thereby enhances the overall workspace experience for members.

About Arcc Spaces

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