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Yours Truly: Faizah Samsudin

1 Oct 2021
Conversations , Culture , Experiences

Faizah might not be a veteran in the hospitality industry but she has stood out by being authentic as an individual and enthusiastic in her profession. She is always open to share her life experiences with our members which are always inspiring to listen to and by no means an expert in making someone’s day a joyful one with her great sense of humour.

What would be the top fun fact of Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard that you would shout out about?

I’d say that if you can have a chance to work at the Drawing Room especially at the area where you face the breathtaking Marina Bay Sands building, take that spot for once to do your work. You will feel as if you are working in a hotel. The atmosphere is amazing and would be even better when it is a sunny day with blue skies and puffy clouds. Add a fresh cup of handcrafted coffee made by us and you will get to enjoy the ultimate top-of-the-world working experience.

What is the toughest challenge as a Client Experience Specialist?

There are a ton of different businesses out there and I am aware that I will be exposed to engaging with people from industries that I am not familiar with. Hence, I’m aware of the need to at least acknowledge their business background and understand them as much as I can so there are can be more topics we can communicate better on common ground. Some could be complicated to understand but I will always ask as many questions as possible to have the clearest understanding. This is my toughest challenge to date but if I do not get out of my comfort zone, I would probably never grow. so #gojerdontscared (my favourite life quote in a Singaporean Malay slang that means JUST GO FOR IT! DONT BE SCARED)

Could you tell us more about your Specialist Brew?

Coffee keeps me awake and I love the combo of cocoa + chocolate for my sweet tooth. For a boosted perky effect, mint would be the best ingredient to inculcate that refreshing feel. So TADAAAA! A cup of my favourite concoction that I would like to share with our members to keep their minds fresh, active and positive. Behold The Minty Mocha!


Share with us your top tips about workplace hospitality.

Just a few words. Always smile, show sincerity, be enthusiastic in what you do, exude positive vibes and exercise empathy at all times.

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