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Yours Truly: Joyce Tung

24 Sep 2021
Conversations , Culture , Experiences

Always carrying herself with a cheerful demeanour at work, Joyce has been delighting our members since day one. She sees learning opportunities with every member she serves, and never finds a day lacking in purpose. With her positive attitude, Joyce was soon recognized for her impeccable service and her presence has always been well-appreciated ever since.

What would be the top fun fact of Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard that you would shout out about?

I don’t mean to boast but it’s us, the hospitality team! We are probably some of the most talented and passionate hospitality specialists in the industry. Need a quality cup of handcrafted coffee, you got it. Have an IT-related issue, we can solve it for you. Had a bad day at work? We are your listening ears and we can have a talk over at the Drawing Room while admiring the best views of Singapore for a bit.
Each of us is unique in our own ways and we also share the same mission at heart, which is to deliver the best member’s experience in Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard.

What is the toughest challenge as a Client Experience Specialist?

I would say during certain periods when I was awaiting feedback from our members and following up with them. I felt shy to ask initially, but I began to feel a little more comfortable following up with them after learning some tips from my supervisor.

I believe the need to establish a good rapport with all our members is really important and we as Client Experience Specialists have to always carry the empathy to understand that they are all successful business people with packed schedules. Especially as Arcc Spaces members, they should always deserve the best experience in our centres and we will always do our best to serve them with the highest hospitality standards.

Could you tell us more about your Specialist Brew?

Well, the Bee Happy Latte is inspired by my thoughts about my experiences in Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard. I really love the good vibes within the centre contributed by the community and I feel the name of my cold brew resonates with it.

Honey is also one of the key ingredients in it. Hence, the word “Bee” replaces the verb “Be”. Honey in general also has more health benefits compared to table sugar and it also provides a more unique flavour to the latte.

Share with us your top tips about workplace hospitality.

Be authentic. Always show respect and be considerate to your tenants.

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