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19 Apr 2022 Conversations
5 Ways How A Flexible Workspace Can Improve Mental Wellness

How a flexible workspace can improve mental wellness? Read to find out more!


16 Mar 2022 Conversations
Workspaces in Singapore: What to expect in the New Normal?

As the New Normal kicks in in Singapore, workspaces have to adapt accordingly to a whole new working format. But, how is it supposed to be and what standards should it be based on?

23 Feb 2022 Conversations
Guide to shared offices in Singapore

Why are modern shared offices so popular in Singapore?

14 Feb 2022 Conversations
Singapore Exclusive: I went back to the office and realized what’s the point of it

As we gear up to return to the office after working remotely for the past year, we can expect a few changes. Read on for some stories on what to expect and how to adjust. 

6 Jan 2022 Conversations
Are coworking spaces expensive in Singapore?

Are coworking spaces expensive compared to traditional office spaces? Read on to find out!

3 Jan 2022 Conversations
How have flexible workspaces become business ecosystems of the new normal?

If your workspace is still confined within a simple four-walled concept, you might be missing out on an opportunity of working within a business ecosystem.

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