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What Are Serviced Offices & Why Do Businesses Need Them?

While most organisations go down the traditional office path where they’re entirely responsible for furnishing and maintenance, a serviced office solution provides a smart, highly effective, and  cost-efficient alternative for businesses looking to maximise their performance.

30 Aug 2022
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With an increasing number of businesses searching for more flexible working environments, finding a fully furnished office for rent in Singapore means your company has a hassle-free place with fewer strings attached. Rather than hiring and managing people to keep your office in order, a premium coworking space like Arcc Spaces Singapore can ensure your workplace has everything you need to succeed.

What Are Serviced Offices?

A serviced office is a workspace that comes fully furnished and equipped to handle your business needs on a short- or long-term basis. With the office managed by a third party, you don’t have to spend your time and resources updating furniture, fixing broken appliances and maintaining facility costs.

Shared office spaces are appealing to modern businesses because it fosters a more agile approach. For example, you could rent your team a comfortable, dedicated office space for three months during an off-site project. Or maybe you need to get set up in a specific part of the city for a year to manage a client’s needs.

Why Do Businesses Need Them?

With a fully serviced office, your business has an adaptable solution for its ever-changing business needs. To help you better understand the benefits of a fully furnished office for rent in Singapore, we’ve explored them in greater detail below.

1. Save money 

If you’ve never rented traditional office space before, it won’t take long to encounter several unexpected costs that come with operating your own workplace.

With an affordable serviced office providing all the amenities and office equipment you could need, you don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining them. Instead, a fully serviced office means you and your employees can get to work completing your business objectives to the highest possible standards without delay.

2. Increased flexibility and mobility

The pandemic has changed the business landscape forever, with businesses increasingly favouring a more flexible approach to their operations. The serviced offices at Arcc Spaces are flexible with their leasing periods – you can choose from short- to long-term plans, enabling your business to adapt to its needs on the fly.

The same applies to a serviced office and your business mobility. If your organisation needs to quickly upscale or downsize, you don’t have to worry about being stuck in an unsuitable space. A serviced office space makes it easy to adapt to a new setting should your business needs change.

3. Professional environment 

When your team works from a serviced office like Arcc Spaces, they will have access to fully furnished offices and a full suite of business amenities for their convenience. To fit individual or team working styles, there are mixed settings where members can work dynamically – collaboration and event spaces, meeting rooms and discussion areas, booth spaces, and more.

Members working in these spaces also stand to gain plenty from networking opportunities and community experiences. There are regular member activities and signature events that run across the centre network. These events often feature industry experts and key opinion leaders on topical subjects as well as human-centric topics that focuses on wellbeing. Meanwhile, the space also facilitate business events and activities for in-house members, from seminars to conferences and cocktail parties.

4. Convenient location 

The best serviced offices in Singapore are also close to public transportation services, giving your employees easy access to and from work. Renting a fully serviced office in Singapore also ensures you’re near everything you need, as most of them are nearby prominent addresses in key business areas.

Alongside the transport benefits, serviced offices have the advantage of being close to lifestyle options for dining, entertainment, and sports. At the same time, you can explore other businesses in the area that will add value to your operations, helping you increase day-to-day performance.

Find the perfect serviced office today

Arcc Spaces is a great choice for serviced offices in Singapore that provides an elevated working experience.  With our hospitality and design-led workplace setting, your business can stay ahead at all times.

For businesses with customisation needs, we go further by tailoring serviced offices, flexible offices, or virtual office package that can help your organisation achieve its goals. For more information on our serviced offices, get in touch with us today.