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Workspaces in Singapore: What to expect in the New Normal?

As the New Normal kicks in in Singapore, workspaces have to adapt accordingly to a whole new working format. But, how is it supposed to be and what standards should it be based on?

16 Mar 2022

Singapore is a global metropolitan city with a strong economy. It is also one of the most popular places to live in. As such, it is not uncommon to see a massive workforce made up of people from all over the world. However, when the pandemic reared its ugly head in early 2020, many workers were forced to work from home or even leave the country so as not to be separated from family back home. These enormous changes have shook up the lifestyle of the Singapore working class and evolved the way companies approach these measures altogether.

Working in The New Normal

As the restrictions were slowly lifted after the pandemic, many employees and even their employers faced increasing difficulties returning back to the traditional office. This has given birth to a new form of working – hybrid working. Even the global giant, Google, had agreed that going back to the old office life is virtually impossible for them. As such, a new normal mix of home-and-office culture has thus appeared in Singapore. Some companies retained their office while allowing employees to continue staying at home; others have decided to give up their offices altogether and instead opt for flexible workspaces for rent in Singapore.

In accordance with the changing trends, workspaces in Singapore have evolved to appeal to every office space requirement. Cost cutting and employee productivity can both be easily achieved with the help of a hybrid work model with solutions such as serviced offices, coworking spaces and customised workspaces for rent. It offers all the necessary facilities and convenience for employees in Singapore to achieve their work goals, and enables companies to save on the large costs of office space lease and maintenance costs.

Flexible Workspaces at Arcc Spaces for Rent in Singapore

With working from a permanent office falling in popularity these days, shared workspace platforms like Arcc Spaces have become a contemporary solution for businesses looking to transform the way they work and drive innovation. Here, our workspaces for rent in Singapore are nothing short of a luxury hotel stay with each comfort and facility geared to please our clients.

From fresh and clean serviced offices to breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline, working in one of our workspaces makes for happier and more productive workers. Here are some of the workspaces we offer for rent in Singapore:

1. One Marina Boulevard

With luxuriously designed business lounges and meeting rooms where guests can meet and hold discussions in comfort, the One Marina Boulevard centre is one of the most prestigious offices in Singapore. Sitting at the heart of Singapore’s busy business district, the building is a short walk away from key destinations such as shopping malls, heritage sites and even Michelin-starred restaurants.

At Arcc Spaces, we offer various solutions for companies looking for a centralised workspace for rent: serviced offices, coworking areas and meeting facilities. With secure and efficient IT infrastructure, unparalleled hospitality and industry leading office spaces, even a global multinational brand will enjoy working here at Arcc Spaces in Singapore.

2. 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces

75 High Street by Arcc Spaces is a newly renovated office workspace within the Civic District. With a contemporary and avant-garde interior design, the unit comes equipped with an in-built server room and additional common areas for managers. Here, you will find the ultimate privacy to do your work in Singapore as each floor is served by its own elevator with door access cards to prevent unauthorised entry.

Here, you will enjoy three main types of office solutions: serviced offices, coworking booths, and comprehensive meeting facilities. At Arcc Spaces, companies can also enjoy a unique design service with a dedicated team to help conceptualise and plan an office space that reflects your brand. With secure and reliable IT infrastructure and a stone throw away from major shopping malls such as Funan Mall, it is the perfect place to work hard and play even harder.


3. 99 Duxton

Duxton is known for its deep heritage – and 99 Duxton is no different. Steeped in an air of culture and luxury, the quaint office space is bound to make anyone fall in love. The splashes of verdant greens here and around the area creates a cosy atmosphere as you work. Once the hard work is done, you can then head over to the variety of restaurants, cafes and nightlife options sprinkled all around Duxton Road itself.

You’ll find a range of workspaces here: Serviced office solutions, coworking spaces and meeting venues and facilities – giving you all you need for your business or employees to work efficiently and happily. Work with one of the most vibrant communities in Singapore to help bring your business to the next level, and marvel at the infrastructure all around the area.

Renting with Arcc Spaces

At Arcc Spaces, our workspaces for rent in Singapore include hot desking, dedicated desking, dedicated office spaces and luxury office suites with full concierge services, access to meeting rooms, lobbies and more. Each package is fully customisable and designed to provide the customers a luxurious working experience that will keep them stress-free and highly motivated.

A look at our best flexible workspaces and office solutions in Singapore will make you want to work there and experience all the facilities, even for just a day. No matter which Arcc Spaces centre you work from, you will definitely get to enjoy a premium experience supported by our dedicated concierge staff.

With locations all across Asia, the wide range of flexible workspaces at Arcc Spaces will be the right place for you to transform into a hybrid work model even with employees who are not situated in Singapore.