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Off Duty: Sissi Liu – Senior Sales Manager

Meet Sissi Liu, our senior sales manager based in Shanghai who does not settle for the status quo and lives by her own code of conduct.

17 Aug 2021

What got you started working in your current line of profession?

I first entered the sales industry without expecting anything. But, I felt really lucky to have a great mentor that never failed to inspire me because in whatever she was doing, she did it with integrity, kindness, self-confidence, and professionalism. She became the role model that led me to think about who I want to be in life but at the same time, I do not want to follow her exact footsteps as I also realised that it is important to be myself as well.

So, with me being inspired by her so much, I began to work on myself more often. Naturally, my career as a professional salesperson progressed and I began to join Arcc Spaces. Several years have passed since then and I did not forget her at all. I still kept in touch with her regularly and we will still exchange experiences at work, have fun over casual outings to reminisce upon the nostalgic moments we had together.

Tell us something surprising about you.

Well, I think people around me are most surprised about how I managed to stay in the same company for 7 years!

As salespeople, we have to put in a lot of effort to be as consistent and resilient as possible. Most salespeople quit either because they became demotivated over a period of time or the company did not provide enough benefits for them. I stay on where I am today because I am able to achieve my sales targets and also thankfully I have a very supportive team who is always behind my back. I could not have done it alone and I am really grateful to be part of the team.

What are your favourite pastimes off work?

Though I enjoy the challenges at work, sometimes they can really wear you down as well. Hence, I would really wish to do something simple and fun to clear my mind during my free time with my friends or if I would like to have some time for myself, I would usually find inspiring books to read.

Some of the best books I have read so far are The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande and Deep Work by Cal Newport. They have helped me understand how to work better and more efficiently in my career. When I’m in the mood for something with a flow, I’d go for biographies. I recently found a book about Empress Dowager Cixi interesting too, as it revealed a more positive perspective about her ruling style back in the day.

Is there a quote in life that greatly impacts you?

“Dream Big and Dare to Fail.”

I think failure is still being shamed upon by many people in our fast-moving society today. I really wish more people will see failure clearer as a key prerequisite to success in whatever we do.

What is your favourite part of your job in Arcc Spaces.

Definitely every moment! From meeting my clients to simply hanging out with my team after work! That’s why I’m still here after 7 years! Haha!

At the end of the day, there will be good and bad times. We have to learn to find joy in everything we went through and accept the bad moments as valuable experiences that will develop us to become better. So far, I am really thankful to have awesome colleagues that will never fail to support me. I’m just so grateful for that!