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ArtWallStreet exhibits local artwork at premium flexible workspace Arcc Spaces

75 High Street by Arcc Spaces houses a collection of artwork to evoke intrigue, creativity and engagement for members

4 May 2021
Public Relations

SINGAPOREMay 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As a leading flexible workspace operator in gateway cities across Asia, Arcc Spaces provides members with a human-centric design and brand philosophy. Throughout Arcc Spaces’ history, the company has continued to implement a spirit of entrepreneurship and an ethos of creativity in navigating the shared office space, going away from the conventional norms of workplaces. To promote these values, Arcc Spaces has recently partnered with global art exchange platform ArtWallStreet at 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces.

Located in the centre of Singapore, a short walk from Singapore’s National Gallery and Raffles Place, the seven-storey standalone building houses over 18,000 square foot of workspace including private offices for focused work, dynamic communal areas and state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Offering tailor-made enterprise solutions for SMEs and MNCs to meet their special requirements, 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces creates a comfortable and flexible working environment. The proximity to the National Gallery inspired this new partnership with ArtWallStreet, ensuring a work-inspired culture for professionals to enjoy viewing some of Asia’s aspiring up-and-coming artists, invigorating and inspiring members throughout their working day.

As part of their commitment to provide enrichment programmes and partnerships for members, 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces aims to create a cultural experience, showcasing beautiful art pieces from local artists. Partnering with ArtWallStreet, a local Singapore-based start-up that allows anyone to be art collectors, exhibitors and investors, the exhibition gives emerging artists a platform to gain exposure and give access to a new generation of art collectors and investors. ArtWallStreet was developed in 2020 by Arun SugumaranTaryn Mook and Aleksandar Abu Samra leveraging a large network of real estate partners to co-create a new ecosystem where physical artworks get distributed, exhibited and traded in a secure and scalable way. In addition to bringing art closer to people through everyday physical spaces, ArtWallStreet is currently developing a platform where blockchain-authenticated physical artworks can be traded online.

As one of the first coworking operators to partner with ArtWallStreet, Arcc Spaces will house the artwork for a total of five months, exhibiting 12 pieces of local art on a rotation basis throughout the building, allowing members, partners and staff to view the artwork when working or meeting within the flexible workspace. Arun Sugumaran, Co-Founder and CEO of ArtWallStreet says “Our partnership with Arcc Spaces adds to our mission to bring art closer to everyone. At ArtWallStreet, we challenge the idea that art is meant to be seen only in an ‘art gallery’ rather than in places where people spend the most time. Working with Arcc Spaces means that local emerging artists will get exposure to a wide cross-section of professionals who may or may not have the time or inspiration to visit a gallery.”

He continues, “Art has been proven to alleviate stress by creating meaningful pauses in a bustling workday for art appreciation and conversations. As Arcc Spaces provides members with a holistic human experience – where co-workers enjoy professional, cultural and social exchanges throughout the course of a work day – our partnership continues to add to their mission to create a premium, stress free working environment for all members.”

Justin Chen, CEO of Arcc Spaces, an art lover himself having earned his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from The University of CaliforniaBerkeley, says, “We are thrilled to be partnering with ArtWallStreet. As a flexible workspace operator, Arcc Spaces follows a human-centric philosophy, ensuring we create a diverse working environment for our members different to our competitors. Our spaces are designed based on hospitality-led sensibility, creating a truly exceptional and memorable experience for each of our members on a daily basis, promoting values of creativity, intrigue and engagement in each of our premium spaces across Asia. Through our collaboration with ArtWallStreet at 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces, we look forward to bringing art by young, aspiring Asian artists to our community.”

Artwork adorns the walls throughout 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces, depicting a range of intriguing subject matters from beautiful destinations to social issues and the beauty of Singapore, embracing the nation’s unique culture. The line-up includes Teoh Joo Ngee, an acclaimed fine artist from Malaysia, who specialises in abstract and contemporary art and has often drawn comparison with some of the masters and gurus of the art scene. Joo Ngee has also previously won awards which have propelled her into becoming one of the influential artists in Malaysia.

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