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Tired Of Working From Home? 6 Things About Office Spaces We Don’t Realise We Miss

Like it or not, a new era of working has been thrust upon us, and it’s nothing like we’ve ever experienced.

23 Sep 2021
Conversations , Culture , Ideas

With the COVID-19 pandemic came a paradigm shift in the way workplaces around the world operated. For many companies, this meant pivoting to a more flexible arrangement that saw employees move the office into their homes. The result is the work-from-home phenomenon we’re all too familiar with today.


This immediately divided people into two camps: those who embraced the new arrangement (no direct supervision by bosses, complete control of time, what’s not to like?) and those who struggled to cope. Two years on, however, and even those in the first category are starting to feel mentally fatigued from working from home.


From face-to-face interaction and setting work boundaries to having access to office supplies and an abundance of delicious, affordable food, here are six things about office spaces you probably didn’t realise you missed.


1) Team Interaction


One of the biggest things people miss during the pandemic is face-to-face interaction, and it’s easy to see why. As social creatures, we’re not used to being cooped up at home for days — sometimes even weeks — on end. If your job requires you to work closely with your colleagues, you’ll feel this “distance” even more. 


Working from home can be isolating for many and even simple things can feel like a chore. What could’ve once been solved by simply popping your head over to ask a question now requires an email or Zoom call, which makes working from home even more inefficient. 


Positive workplace culture is crucial to a company’s success, but this culture is hard to instil when employees are working remotely. Even water cooler chats and team meals — which were once fantastic opportunities for team bonding to build rapport and trust — are no longer a part of the workday. Junior employees and new starters will also see a lack of access to mentorship from senior staff if starting out at a new job from home, which could greatly affect morale and growth in the long run.


We might have underestimated the importance of a dedicated office space where we can work with no distractions.

2) Dedicated Office Spaces Crafted For Work


If you’ve been held back by one too many distractions during the day, or are constantly aching from being hunched over your non-ergonomic home office, you’re not alone. 


Not everyone has the luxury of creating a set-up at home that’s optimum for working at. Their working space can be impacted by factors like space, budget, and familial responsibilities that can put a dent in efficiency, simply because your home was designed to be, well, a home — not an office.


Having a well-designed office space that has been tailored to your working style — as well as being in the company of like-minded individuals — can not only inspire and motivate you, but also greatly improve productivity. After all, it’s the little details that count, whether it’s ergonomic chairs, clean and uncluttered desks, or just having a professional work environment in general.


3) Clear Lines Between Work and Life


Work-life balance — what was once a clear line has now been blurred beyond recognition, and it’s more than having to turn your sacred personal space into makeshift cubicles.


While working from home has offered unprecedented flexibility in the way we manage our time, we’ve also always counted on an office space to separate work from personal life. The usual nine-to-five that you’ve become familiar with, however, has morphed into an all-day affair, especially since many find it hard to disconnect from work when the office and home have now become one. 


Mental burnouts are inevitable, and repercussions can range from a drop in productivity to a high employee turnover rate. Having a hybrid work style that gives the team the option of working in an office space can alleviate some of this stress.


We too have spent countless hours wondering if our printer at home will ever start...printing.

4) Office Spaces With Everything You Need


Ever needed to print something at home only to realise that your home printer will either 1) report a non-existent paper jam or 2) require a brand new ink cartridge even though you’ve just changed it.


Not all of us are blessed with quality office equipment at home — whether it’s a printer that actually works or a desk that’s ergonomic enough for all-day comfort. Many too, are hesitant of making the investment, especially since there’s no telling when the pandemic will ease up or worsen. Having an office space where this professional equipment is readily available, provides a fuss-free environment where you can focus on work.


5) Food Options Galore Only Moments Away


Not everyone has the luxury of heading out or experimenting in the kitchen during mealtimes. If delivery is your go-to solution, then you’ll know just how expensive it can all add up to be too, not to mention be boring after a while. 


Commuting into the heart of the city for work means that you’ll get access to a plethora of food options, whether it’s hearty and comforting hawker fare, healthy salad bowls, or a five-course meal at a Michelin-started restaurant. Singapore is, after all, known for being a foodie’s paradise, only now you don’t have to slog in the kitchen for hours on end for a decent meal. 


Let's face it - there's something charming about waking up, getting ready, and heading to the office.

6) Being In The Thick Of It – The Whole Experience 


If the commute between your bed and desk in your pyjamas is leaving you feeling unmotivated and uninspired, you’re not alone. As creatures of habit and routine, humans crave stability, especially when it comes to work. 


You might not have realised or appreciated this before the pandemic, but the simple act of waking up, getting ready, and travelling to work has an undeniable charm to it, not to mention it’ll put you in the right frame of mind to tackle any challenges the day brings. Besides, there’s nothing like a little in-person motivation from your fellow colleagues when you see them in the office. 


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