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5 Reasons why flexible workspaces are a stress-free working environment

If working within a rigid regime has made you feel burnt out and uninspired, it’s time to change.

23 Apr 2021

Today, we live in an information age which is constantly evolving, none more so than within the office property industry. Where you work can help companies to be more productive and flexible at the same time, ensuring a less stressful working regime for employees.

Flexible workspaces allow corporations to pilot new ways of working and so, if you think a stress-free flexible working environment has always been a dream to you, here are 5 reasons why flexible workspaces are a stress-free working environment in reality.

1. A Flexible Solution That Works For You

No matter if you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, employee, you name it, flexible workspace providers adapt to the requirements and desires of all hustlers. A good workspace and working environment is essential for every business and an established workspace provider can ensure stress relief, allowing individuals to concentrate on their work rather than added stress of managing an independent office.

A customized workspace in 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces' Enterprise Solutions for software development enterprise, EPAM Systems

If you are a home-based business guru, a virtual office package with access to meeting spaces is what you need. If you are a Thought Leader full of aspirations with demanding business requisites, a fully customized office suite designed to reflect your vision and meet your needs could suit you best. Or, if you are nomadic at heart, flexible workspace providers can offer a workable solution that suits your requirements.

The Boardroom at Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard, Singapore.

As you can see, instead of being tied down to a restrictive space with no dedicated personal solution that works for you, your company and your employees, you can unleash the full potential of your business by partnering with a flexible workspace provider.

2. A Diverse Social Atmosphere

Flexible workspaces are a common ground for businesspeople and inevitably, a community will surface offering networking capabilities. Hence, it would make perfect sense for flexible workspaces to design communal areas that help to foster social networking as well as space to relax in throughout the working day.

While such initiatives help to bring about business opportunities between community members, it can also help to relief stress as community members engage in casual conversations unrelated to work at any point in time.

One of the lounges in the Drawing Room of Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard, Singapore. A conducive yet relaxed area suitable for discussions.

3. Hospitality and Wellness Focused

Unlike traditional office landlords, flexible workspace providers are passionate about service excellence and workplace wellness. Offering a human-centric philosophy, flexible workspaces are designed to encourage employee productivity and creativity with centres that are operated by staff who are available to assist tenants throughout the working day. Providing a quiet room for employees to spend up to 30 minutes a day processing their thoughts has been proven to reduce stress at work and the risk of burnout and so some of these centres would include coffee bars, breakout spaces, and massage rooms.


The Library in Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard

Shared office spaces strive to make members feel engaged and cared for and so there has been an increase in wellness programmes and an added focus on wellness design for instance offering a range of F&B including coffee, healthy snacks, breakout spaces for rest throughout the working day and even dedicated wellness rooms. Living in today’s wellbeing conscious society, flexible workspace providers are constantly adapting to meet the demand of their tenants and today many brands are putting on wellness activities, such as group workout sessions and collaborating with companies to provide wellness services for exclusive membership perks, such as a reduced rate at a local gym.

A barista brewing coffee in the Drawing Room bar of Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard, Singapore

4. A Business Ecosystem Already at Your Doorstep

Every business seeks expansion options and flexible workspace providers assist with plans locally and overseas. Most of the established flexible workspace providers have a variety of centres within their portfolio in different parts of the world with facilities available for businesses to engage and attract potential partners, employees or clients. With a ready-built business ecosystem, when travel resumes and borders open, members can use different centres in different locations when travelling abroad for work. This network of centres ensures tenants a stress-free trip abroad, offering access to meeting rooms to visit clients or partners, event space with hands-on event organization and a supportive network of members and staff wherever they are in the world.

A business lounge in The City, Arcc Spaces World Financial Centre in Beijing for holding casual business discussions and events.

Depending on where a brand is looking to expand to, shared office companies can assist with a valuable shortcut to help reduce the efforts spent for research and make room for more time on preparing expansion strategies.

An office Suite in Arcc Spaces Taikang, Shanghai

5. Low Cost Lease for Convenient Locations

Location and price are always major factors to consider when it comes to choosing where to lease an office space. Flexible workspaces are more cost-effective considering the benefits they offer, which go above and beyond the traditional independent and private offices. Shared office providers offer a variety of benefits and facilities with centrally located centres that feature diverse options office space, comfortable communal areas for collaboration and state-of-the-art meeting rooms to elevate your business to the next level for a packaged price. Taking the stress out of managing a dedicated office space, flexible workspaces take away unmanageable overheads by coordinating a price plan customized to specific business and employee needs.

An office suite at Arcc Spaces One Marina Boulevard, Singapore

A centrally located office is convenient for employees, allowing direct and quick commuter links as well as the centre being near to a range of amenities and facilities to add to a healthy work-life balance. For instance, a central office will be close to a variety of restaurants, cafes, gyms, shops as well as, more often than not, other clients to facilitate stress free interactions and meetings.

Hudson, a Manhattan Bistro as part of the business ecosystem of Arcc Spaces World Financial Centre, Beijing.

Looking for a workspace solution that works best for you? Find out here on the various solutions Arcc Spaces can provide you. Alternatively, head over here to check out our meeting spaces.