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From our clients’ and partners’ visits, all of them had the same feedback – that Arcc Spaces is a fantastic place to consider for their future office as well.



张剑威, Project manager, 邻播(上海)网络科技有限公司

Cost-effective sharing office is especially good for RWDI’s regional branch. Flexible work place and meeting room expanded a small office’s possibility. Also good Fengshui and “the best coffee in RWDI’s global offices” also guarantee our business growing.

Feng Qian, Project Director of China, RWDI International China Inc.

10 years ago, we decided to choose Arcc Spaces because of their high quality office environment and professional services. At that moment our company had just started. Although we were small, we still got the warm and meticulous services from Arcc Sapces team members. With the continuous expansion of the company, we have expanded our office 4 times. Every office adjustment has been planned and arranged amazingly by Arcc Spaces . At Arcc Spaces, the environment is bright and tidy, and the facilities are well maintained. We feel very comfortable here and we are very happy to recommend Arcc Spaces.

Lillian Zhou, Founder & CEO, J & K Investment

If there is one sentence that could describe our working environment – “Enjoy the new intelligent experience beyond the prosperous environment, together with superior service and superior quality”. ARCC keeps the noble quality deep in the heart and “hidden” in the world. A high-performance workplace as well as a high level of work experience is inseparable from three elements: Time, Space and People. Time, the secret of having high-quality time comes from the best location and convenient transportation. The office is right above Subway Line No.7, this is very nice and handy especially under bad weather. Space, an office supposed to be an area where people can calmly think and work. A good office must focus on comfort, quietness and privacy, as well as creativity inspiration and cooperation. People, what we offer here is superb service. Everyone from ARCC can provide meticulous and high-quality “butler service”. In addition, various community activities are carried out from time to time, to spend a good time outside of intense work.

胡安琪, Sales manager, 丸善贸易(上海)有限公司


Louis Hou, CEO, 上海星其教育科技有限公司


管敏慧, GM, Zonin (Shanghai) Wine Trading Co., Ltd.

I’d like to express our appreciation to you and your team for your dedication on providing high quality services lately.

Relias–Zhang Yin(office client)

合作这么久以来,真心的感谢运营团队付出的努力。 首先,中心环境以及设备都维护的非常不错,能够让我们更加舒适的办公。 每一次的服务,都是积极准确有效率的。每一次回到Arcc,就感觉回到了一个温暖的家园。真心的希望我们的合作能够长久的继续下去!

丹麦农委 ( Danish Agriculture and Food Council) —劳久迟(Lao Jiu Chi)(office client)

WFC The City 2F team always been cooperative with our clients and team members. Especially when our client come to visit us. They always have a big smile on their face and keep professionalism at all times.

MuMing Global- Mustafa Ozguven (VOP Client)

It has been a joyous experience of working at Arcc Spaces The City Office. As one of the first office tenants, we are happy to see the progress of Arcc Spaces and some obvious creative service improvements in 2019 in particular. Thank you for your care and we would like to extend our staying here as our company’s Beijing Office.

嘉德鳳凰 (Phoenix Asset Management)- 金波 ( Jin Bo )(Office Client)

I am very impressed by your hospitality, helpful and professional service, I would definitely recommended your center! Cheer!

Nutanix-Chen Gang (Office client)